This website serves as the official source of information about the Vintage Base Ball Association’s annual conference.

Vintage Base Ball is a pastime, with its beginnings and progressions mimicking those that occurred in America over 160 years ago. Teams competing today wear period reproduction uniforms, use period authentic equipment and follow baseball rules from the 19th century in order to accurately present the history of baseball to the public. Matches can be seen almost 12 months out of each year at open-air museums, living history villages, Civil War re-enactments and city parks and is played in over 20 states including Canada.

vbba-logo_150The Vintage Base Ball Association was formed on February 11, 1996, when delegates from thirteen clubs representing five states assembled in Columbus, Ohio. Their goal was to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first recorded base ball match between organized teams. Using the National Association of Base Ball Players (c. 1858) as a model, the delegates formed the Vintage Base Ball Association.